We did a cursory comparison of the number of articles and words we devoted to 2018’s FIFA Men’s World Cup Football Tournament and the number of articles and words we have contributed to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Football Tournament.

Much to our surprise, the two numbers were reasonably equal.

That was happenstance, not design, but for a game we played as schoolchildren, co-ed fashion, were it seemed the sole purpose was to provide the girls with an opportunity to kick us, we can breathe easy, knowing that no one can come after us based on unequaltreatment of World Cup football on the basis of gender.

Based on the results of the Matildas in 2019 and the Socceroos in 2018, however, we are contemplating a lawsuit targeted against discrimination of the basis of hemispheric bias.

This current World Cup tournament supplies us with the irrefutable evidence of bias against teams from the southern hemisphere, as all four of the remaining squads are from the northern hemisphere.

England will play the U.S. women in one semifinal. The other will be between the Netherlands and Sweden.

Our main interest at this point rest on hopes that Yanks Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, along with England’s Ellen White, remain goalless for the remainder of the tournament, so as not to pass Sam Kerr.

Speaking of inequality, it took us quite a bit of digging on the website of one of the online bookies to find the quotes for the upcoming women’s semifinals.

The U.S. women are favoured $1.83 to $4.25, while Netherlands is $2.30 to Sweden’s $3.25.

On a positive note, there were 153 markets for the U.S./England semi and 124 markets for Netherlands/Sweden.

Evidence, perhaps, that the bookies view gender as irrelevant when the opportunity for separating punters from their money presents itself.

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