Some NBA teams have their eyes on Andrew Bogut. We never thought to be writing those words, but Bogut just may have parlayed a season with the Sydney Kings in the NBL into another stint with the world’s top basketball league.

Give or take a game or two, the NBA clubs around 20 games remaining in the 82 game regular season. There has been some discussion of the NBA reducing the regular season by 12 games to 70, but that may be a difficult proposition to advance, as each club would lose six home games, which would cut into attendance, concession and broadcast revenues.

Most of the lot who own NBA teams do not care for ideas that result in them making less money, so even though the players, even the fans, might readily get behind a reduction of the regular season that at times seems interminable, a reduction in the fixture does not seem in the cards until someone floats the idea that results in the owners making more, rather than less, revenue.

Back to Bogut, it is the time of year when NBA clubs are often desperate for healthy bodies to take some pressure off the stars as the playoffs come closer.

The Golden State Warriors are one of the clubs linked to the pursuit of Bogut. They made good use of him in the past.

The Philadelphia 76ers are another contender.

Bogut is 34 and not too old to play some worthwhile minutes in the NBA and his good season with the Kings in the NBL proved that he is fully recovered from the broken leg he obtained for his 57-second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bogut has a couple credentials that may help his value if he does go back for the NBAS playoffs. He was NBL MVP and Defensive Player of the year with Sydney.

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