We have gained many insights from modern technology. We have saved thousands on car repairs by watching computer videos. Our craving for adorable kitten videos has almost been sated. We learned how to play the guitar when we were considered lost causes by several one-on-one live instructors.

It does not surprise, therefore, that Stefanos Tsitsipas used archived video footage of his tennis idol Roger Federer to improve his own tennis and eventually devise a strategy that resulted in his beating Roger Federer in the Australian Open.

Sometime in the not so distant future, Mr. Tsitsipas, some young racquet slinger will find a way to oust you by carefully analysing your social media posts to find a way to get inside your head.

Tsitsipas threw a major spanner into the draw of the Australian Open in beating Federer in four gripping sets that required three tiebreaks.

Djokovic and Nadal each owe Tsitsipas an E-type Jag for removing Federer.

As for the locals, well, Ash Barty surpassed our reasonable expectations by advancing past former world no. 1 Maria Sharapova with steady tennis.

Barty dropped the first set 4 – 6, before cruising 6 – 1 to take the second. Barty won the match with a 6 – 4 score in the final set.

The statistic that tells the tale is that while the players were relatively equal in many categories, Barty had one stretch where she won nine consecutive games, whereas Sharapova could do no better than three in a row.

The match was much closer than the score would indicate. Double faults contributed much to Sharapova’s demise, as she surrendered 10, even though her percentage of first serves in was 70, compared to Barty’s 64. Barty gave up only two break points over the 27 games in the match. When she got her first serve in, she won the point 69 percent of the time.

Her opponent for the quarterfinal will be Petra Kvitova, a two-time Wimbledon champion, current world no. 6 and eighth seed for the Australian Open.

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