Confirmation has come that George Bailey will join Justin Langer and Trevor Hohns as a selector for Cricket Australia.

A few eyebrows might have been raised over adding an active player to the panel, but the 37-year-old Tasmanian has indicated that after the Sheffield Shield concludes, he will be available for BBL duty, and will then retire from playing the game.

The implication was that Bailey might show favourtism to his mates from Sheffield and BBL, but it seems almost ludicrous that such an act would escape Langer and Hohns.

Another name in connection with the opening, which has been managed Roman Consul style since the conclusion of the Ashes and the departure of George Chappell, was than of Michael Klinger.

Klinger, however, stood down upon accepting the job of coaching the Melbourne Renegades.

Bailey did all right for himself as a player and captain.

He was captain of the T20 squad that made it to the semi-final of the 2012 World Cup and the 2014 team that failed to get beyond the group stage.

One of the prime limited overs players, Aaron Finch, has thrown his support unabashedly behind Bailey, saying that he has no fear over the idea that Bailey will favour his close cohorts.

“Not at all, no, I haven’t heard anyone even doubt the decision. I think everyone, all the players I’ve spoken to, are rapt with the decision. To have someone who is obviously still playing but he’s a professional, he’s been around the game for a long time, he might get sledged a bit less though,” said Finch.

With three selectors once again in place, any disputes over who gets picked and who is shunned will be decided by a majority, which makes the job slightly easier, but still along the lines of picking State of Origin of Wallabies representatives.

Those left off will not care for it. Those picked will be jubilant.

Cricket fans will always have plenty of the finer points of the selection process in particular and the game in general over which to debate.

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