Here is a riddle for all of you to test your decision-making ability.

Would you rather struggle as a fringe player for the St. Kilda Saints in the AFL, or would you prefer to be a punting specialist in the NFL?

Arryn Siposs played four seasons with the Saints for 28 games.

When they are on the ground, AFL players are running around like madmen, except when they are colliding with opposition players in a violent fashion.

This can go on for as much as 80 minutes over the course of a 22-game home-and away fixture.

A punting specialist in the NFL, even one on a bad team that has to surrender possession of the ball by punting frequently, works about 80 minutes, tops, during an NFL regular season. Opposition players are not permitted to touch the punter without blocking the punt or being blocked into the punter.

That 80-minute figure is actually quite high. A punt play typically lasts about 15 seconds, so a player who is called upon to punt four times during the course of a 60-minute NFL game works for about one minute.

Siposs, realising that his body was not up to the task of surviving in the AFL, left the code behind and went to the U.S. to get a college education and kick footballs for the Auburn Tigers.

He has been acquired by the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent.

The kicker to the story is that Siposs will in all probability make much more for doing much less.

The NFL has developed a taste for footy players, because footy players can kick on the run and they are accustomed to kicking for accuracy, whereas some of the U.S. born punters are all about raw distance.

The top punters in the NFL earn in excess of $US 3 million per season.

The lowest on the list earned about $US $510,000 for the 2019 NFL season.

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