Not to be more cynical than usual, but is the AFL tribunal trolling the GWS list, or looking for a reason to extend Toby Greene’s ban?

Their justification could be, “Well, we never expected the Giants to beat the Cats in finals footy, so we have to take action to prevent further phantom future contact.”

Should GWS fall prey to the thought that they are in the clear, so far as Greene is concerned, they should remain wary lest one of the other 21 on the list is videoed swatting a fly in a Richmond guernsey.

Matters not if the fly is actually dispatched.

Not that we bear any animus toward Richmond. Their feel-good story has to be Tom Lynch, who dug a tunnel and forged some documents to make the break from Gold Coast.

Some might prefer to refer to Gold Coast as the junior side for Richmond, as the 2019 Grand Final is a veritable who’s who of footy. Along with Lynch, former Suns Dion Prestia and Josh Caddy have found that the gold in them thar’ hills was further south.

“We’ve taken different roads to get here and it was pretty fun on the weekend,” Lynch told reporters on Monday.

Prestia and Caddy have preceded Lynch to the Tigers and have the 2017 flag for their reward, but Lynch’s road has been the toughest of the three players.

Lynch, somewhat cheekily, told reporters that his last involvement with an AFL Grand Final was in 2010, when he was a part of the last day of September only because he was a Magpie supporter, or as he put it, “The last day I was a Collingwood fan.”

He nearly wound up as a Collingwood player, but Richmond was the successful suitor in the chase to acquire Lynch as a free agent.

Lynch made the transition to Richmond smoothly and even though he booted a career-high 66 goals for Gold Coast in 2016, his 61 from his games with Richmond in the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition would have to be more satisfying.

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