Ahead of the 2019 AFLW season, the league has revealed that new rules will be trialled in an attempt to get the ball moving and the scoring up.

The AFLW will adopt eight of the nine rules that were announced for the men’s league, although they will not prohibit or limit on-ground runners and water carriers.

One change specific to the AFLW will be the last touch out of bounds rule enforced between the fifty metre marks and throw ins taking place 10 metres in from the boundary.

The season coming will be the third for the AFLW and the league has tinkered with the game in order to keep things fresh by accepting that adaptations are a necessary part of the game.

The new rules have already seen some implementation in the NAB and VFLW matches, so it is not as though anything radical will shock fans when the AFLW bounces in early February of 2019.

AFLW boss Nicole Livingstone commented, “All the rules we have adopted have been trialled at both NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and VFLW matches with findings and recommendations communicated with the AFLW Competition Committee throughout the year.”

They are doing something right, as they have gone from eight to 10 sides, with Geelong and North Melbourne coming on.

Getting everyone on the same page regarding the new regs required a briefing for the coaches.

Said Livingstone, “Our coaches have already been briefed on the rules and will be working with the players during the pre-season in the coming weeks.”

Geelong will host the first game in 2019 with Collingwood at GMHBA Stadium. The venue holds 36,000, so the AFLW cannot be accused of lacking ambitions of growth.

Somewhat surprisingly, the two extra teams will not see the number of games in the 2019 fixture increased, but the 10 clubs have been split into two conferences.

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