Why not go all in, ban the entire GWS club and simply hand Collingwood a walkover for the Preliminary final?

Toby Greene failed to have his one-match ban overturned on appeal.

He fronted the tribunal on allegations of unnecessary contact to the eye region of Brisbane’s Lachie Neale.

Translation: Neale ran out for the game and saw Greene. The two players made eye contact.

Neale was there to tell the tribunal that there was no contact, but the testimony of a Queensland player in defense of a New South Wales player is akin to the old philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

“I’m bitterly disappointed,” Greene said upon his exit from the AFL House on Thursday night.

When the Giants run out for the game with the Pies on Saturday, they had best be equipped with some blinkers, lest they inadvertently look at one or more to the Collingwood players.

The tribunal devoted all of 15 minutes to the kangaroo court, as Murray Kellam, Stephen Jurica and Richard Loveridge all had pressing engagements that required swift justice in order to preserve their calendars.

The Giants have named Lachie Keeffe to the list, ironically perhaps, as the 57-game veteran spent his first four seasons as a member of the Collingwood club. If he wants to play, he had better not greet any of his old mates until after the siren, and perhaps not even then, because if the Giants should find a way to win, the outcome will be overturned faster than you can say match review officer Michael Christian.

The Giants added Ross Gillies QC to their legal team after the tribunal earlier in the week had turned a blind eye (intentional pun) during the hearing earlier in the week.

GWS are cutting their losses. GWS chief executive Dave Matthews said, “As disappointed as we are we won’t do anything further.”

Justice may be blind, but the olfactory senses of the Victorian panel could detect the stench of Sydney on the group that came in to attempt to clear Greene.

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