No, Crows supporters, it was not a Richmond based conspiracy that caused the Adelaide club to be sanctioned for violating AFL protocols for resuming the Toyota 2020 AFL Premiership competition.

It has not yet emerged which of the other clubs came under scrutiny, but given the situation and the current state of AFL finances, it is doubtful much attention was directed at Gold Coast.

It seems that despite the players prevailing in getting the league to permit families to be included in the league’s hub scheme.

Give them a centimetre and they will take a kilometre appears to be the protocol of players and clubs looking for ways to circumvent the rules and gain a competitive advantage.

Sixteen Crows were handed a one-match ban, but the ban was suspended, as footy players cannot be expected to calculate the correct distance in order to be properly socially distant during a kicking drill.

Assistant coach Ben Hart was not nearly so fortunate. He was handed a ban of six weeks and it is highly doubtful that he can expect the sort of leniency extended to players.

Assistant coaches are expendable. There are four others working for Adelaide. They can divide Hart’s duties, giving each an additional 25 percent of the work.

Matthew Nicks has taken over as the head coach from Don Pyke. Pyke stood himself down after viewing his failure to win a premiership as a sign that the club would be better off with someone else at the helm.

It would be an encouraging sign to see the AFL return and a return would hopefully cut down on incidents such as that involving Geelong recruit Jack Steven, who apparently was on the pointy end of a knife to his chest. At least he was not wounded in the back, where most knives hit home.

The details of the incident have yet to emerge, but the 11-season St. Kilda veteran is in far worse shape for his violation of social distancing than any of the Adelaide outfit.

We have to allow, though, that maybe the knife was thrown.

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