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If you’re passionate about betting, then you must know about the Bet365, the world’s largest online betting and gambling platform. However, Australian residents can finally rejoice as the platform is now coming to the Land Down Under and is licensed in Northern Territory.

About Bet365

If you’re new to the Bet365 Company, it’s about time that you’re formally introduced. It is a licensed gambling site that has fully implemented e-commerce into their online business. This is a great move on its part because e-commerce has now become the most effective and influential way of marketing.

Realising that online betting was becoming more popular across the globe, Bet365 started setting up their business in 2000 and officially went online in 2001. In the past 13 years, the company has flourished in its online operations. Even though the company is primarily based in Stoke-on-Trent , they have also set up camp in Australia especially for clients in that area.

What to Expect from Bet365

Bet365 is perfect for people who want to bet on sports because it takes bets on a large variety of sports.

The games and sports that will be available for anyone who registers with them include horse racing, afl, nrl, soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, grid iron, basketball, online poker, bingo, and many others.

Now even though the company has had to go through some serious changes in the last ten years, it has nevertheless managed to come out on the top. This is evident since it’s known as the world’s largest betting system.

Besides, true to its aim for providing the best services, it offers services that gained in recognition and fame, such as the on-course bookmaking service and live betting service. People regularly sign into the website to try out these services as they are exclusive to Bet365.

If you haven’t registered to the website yet, here are some of the top products and deals that you can avail from Bet365.

•  If you like to bet on Metropolitan or provincial races, then Bet365 has a special offer called the 365 Best just for you. According to this, all metropolitan and selected provincial races are being offered the 365 Best for all wins and place bets. This means that betting withBet365 will get you paid at the best possible rate.

•  Bet365 is best for races as it keeps updating its prices for all current and live races so that you can get the best price for all racing and sports.

•  Placing a bet on soccer also gives you the chance to get a 100% on all bets, including the Champions League, A-League, Premier League a lot of others.

•  For all those who bet on non-Metropolitan Thoroughbred Racing, Harness Racing and Greyhound Racing, Bet365 offers you the Tote 365. With this bet, you can know that you are getting paid with the best possible price.

The Benefits Of Betting With Bet365

If you’re still not convinced why Bet365 is an ideal platform, here are some of its top benefits.

Easy Navigation and Excellent Security – Anyone and everyone who has used Bet365 knows that the online platform it offers is easy to navigate through and extremely safe and secure. The financial security measures that have been incorporated into the website ensure that your personal details are secure at the company’s database. This feature makes the company all the more attractive for players around the globe, especially since it’s a must for betting and gambling websites.

Mobile Betting – E-commerce is no longer an option for companies that want to make it big into the world. This fact is recognised and accepted by Bet365, which is why it offers its member the chance to place bets on the go with a mobile device. The only thing you need to do is to register for the company’s app and you’ll be good to go. 

Bet365’s Live Betting Services – One of the most popular and highly appreciated services of Bet365 is the live betting service provided during events, games and races. This giant betting company realised that people enjoy betting on sports and other live events, so why shouldn’t it offer them the best platform for this fun activity?

One product that seems to be a constant favourite of the lime light is In-Play. Incorporating the VFabric private cloud in it, it is one of the prominent products of Bet365.

Register with Bet365 Now

So, for these reasons and many more, register with Bet365, place your bets and start benefiting from the great services offered by this company.

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