Select the correct final order of the AFL Ladder and win yourself up to 100 Million Dollars

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William Hill Pick The AFL Ladder Win 100 Million Dollars

Join William Hill for this great opportunity, you can have up to 100 bets per client at $5 per bet – $100 million dollars to be divided equally between winning bets, where there is more than one winner.

A bet in the AFL Pick The Ladder will be a winning bet when the player has selected all eighteen AFL teams in their right finishing order in the Toyota AFL Premiership Season Ladder. The correct order will be declared by the Australian Football League (AFL) at the closing of Round Twenty Three.

The Competition will only be made for wagers that are put on by customers of William Hill via the Internet, an app or mobile device from 12.01.00am AEDT on Wednesday 4 March to 7.00pm AEST on Friday 17th April.

Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to pick the correct teams in order you will have something to cheer about.

The seriousness of this competition is evident when you note that William Hill offers a prize pool of 100 Million Dollars in total, so the less winners, the more for you.

When the AFL season reaches an end, the person or persons who have managed to select the teams at round 23 in correct order will walk away with up to 100 Million Dollars.

Each person may make up to 100 individual bets for this Bet Type. The total prize pool for all winning wagers is AUD $100,000,000. You don’t see that every day. All winners will be paid monies into their William Hill Betting Account.

Where there is only 1 lucky winning bet, that Successful Punter will win the lot, AUD $100,000,000. Where there is more than one winner for this Bet Type, the AUD $100,000,000 Pool will be divided equally of course amongst all winning punters.

Small Outlay Big Gain

In the off chance that not all the 18 teams begin the season or finish the season, or if the Round 23 on 6 September does not happen and it is not played within 7 days of the original date, then all Bets are off and all wagers will be refunded.

This Competition means any team which has points taken from them due to a violation of rules or regulations will be classed a starter for betting purposes, no refunds will be given. The AFL decisions regarding penalties is final.

William Hill reserves the right to refuse to accept an AFL Pick the Ladder.

If you’d like to know more about the AFL Pick The Ladder competitions, simply log on to the William Hill website. If need arises, you can even contact them and ask for additional information. Join AFL Pick The Ladder Here